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ZikaProt ZIKV/DENV Proteome Microarray v1.0
ZikaProfiler Zika/dengue Screening Service

Advantages of ZikaProt analytics:

  • detect immune profiles against ZIKV and DENV
    proteomes in parallel and in high-throughput
  • rapidly pre-screen potential clinical trial participants to identify baseline immunity to all Zika and dengue antigens simultaneously
  • accelerate vaccine development & treatment options
  • identify biomarkers for diagnosis and protection

Characteristics of ZikaProt microarray:

  • contains the proteomes of the Asian and African strains of Zika
  • contains the proteomes of dengue serotypes 1 and 2
  • full-length recombinant proteins are expressed in yeast, purified and printed on glass slides in duplicate along with controls


The spread of mosquito-borne diseases diseases is quickly becoming a major health risk in tropical and semi-tropical areas. The spread of dengue virus and chikungunya virus and more recently Zika has accelerated and now is found in the US. Zika is especially problematic because of data indicating it as a cause of birth defects whereas dengue and chikungunya are not. These viral diseases present in a similar manner, making it difficult to determine which virus is affecting the patient. It is critical to be able to capture the global immunity of patients to these viruses - especially for women of childbearing age, in diagnostics, vaccine and therapeutic programs.

Existing genomic tests only work in a very narrow window after the onset of clinical signs (Figure 1). Conversely, current immune-based tests (e.g., the MAC ELISAs for ZIKV and DENV; flavivirus Plaque Reduction Neutralization Tests), produce cross-reactive results. Immunodiagnostics for these viral infections are important as they allow testing and diagnosis of new infections after the viremic phase, which is crucial for the testing of individuals that meet, for example, CDC’s ZIKV and DENV clinical criteria (e.g., clinical signs and symptoms associated with the virus infection) and/or CDC’s epidemiological criteria. Therefore, the need for immunological biomarkers suitable to assess longer periods post-infection for discrimination between Zika and dengue is an important area of current research.

image description
Figure 1: Overview of the windows of detection of molecular (PCR-based) test and immunoassays for ZIKV infection.

Molecular assays for ZIKV used in endemic areas are only precise detecting Zika infection within a very narrow window of 7-10 days postsymptoms. CDI immunoassays can detect infection well beyond this narrow period. The current test suffers from cross-reactivity and a lack of precision in areas where DENV or other flaviviruses may coexist.

Discriminating, multiplex and high-throughput:

CDI has produced the ZikaProt ZIKV/DENV protein microarray which contains the proteomes of Asian and African strains of Zika as well as dengue serotypes 1 and 2. This new research tool (Figure 2) allows for the rapid analysis of biological specimens (serum, plasma, CSF, etc.) for high-throughput discovery of biomarkers that may be able to discriminate between these two very similar flaviviruses in a larger window after initial infection than currently possible.

image description
Figure 2: The ZikaProt high-throughput platform.

1) Planar arrays with the biomarker panel are provided by CDI to end users; 2) End user applies gaskets and diluted serum samples; 3) End user removes gaskets, scans arrays and acquires results with the CDI software.

Two ways to put ZikaProt to work:
  1. ZikaProfiler Zika/dengue antibody discovery service; Let CDI do the work. We will expertly analyze your samples and report back to you. The process is fully-customizable beyond initial screening to more focused analyses and detailed bioinformatics.
  2. ZikaProt ZIKV/DENV Microarrays for purchase. If your lab or core facility has microarray scanning capability, CDI offers the microarrays for purchase.