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ImmuneProfiler™: Biomarker Discovery Workflow

  • Cost-effective, rapid tool for biomarker discovery for your early, companion and predictive diagnostic
  • Can be performed as a service by CDI or by clients in-house
  • Expert bioinformatics
  • Step-by-step training and continued support
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About ImmuneProfiler™

High-Throughput Biomarker Discovery Services

Powered by HuProt™ v3.1 (more on HuProt)
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Autoantibodies as biomarkers

Circulating autoantibodies are powerful resources to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases and cancer - especially with promising advances in immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy.

ImmuneProfiler™ uses the CDI HuProt proteome microarray platform

With ~81% of the human proteome on a single slide, ImmuneProfiler represents a more comprehensive and high-throughput alternative to other assay platforms for the development of predictive early diagnostic tests.

ImmuneProfiler™ benefits:

  • Proteins, not peptides: well-folded with confomationally intact epitopes
  • Most comprehensive collection in the world by nearly two-fold: recently re-sequenced
  • Detect primary (IgM) and secondary (IgG) responses
  • Rapid and reproducible assay: results and analysis in days, not weeks
  • Low volume of precious sample: as little as 3 µl serum or plasma per assay
  • Economical and customizable: focused arrays can be made based on screening data
  • Access to CDI expert bioinformatics specialists
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