antibody cross-reactivity testing


Antibody Cross-Reactivity Testing

CDI will specificity-test your antibody against thousands of proteins - native & denatured - and at 2 working concentrations.

High-Spec Cross-Reactivity Testing leverages the power of the HuProt™ microarray to help pharmaceutical companies assess their therapeutic antibody pipeline quickly and cost-effectively, thus increasing the number of new treatments discovered, and identifying losers earlier.

Research reagent companies developing commercial antibodies can realize a tremendous quality advantage by offering products with unmatched levels of specificity that can bolster academic research programs at all stages – from grant application to publication. Be Specific.

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monoclonal antibody development


Monoclonal Antibody Development

Fast-MAb is CDI's microarray-powered custom monoclonal antibody development and specificity validation service with access to -21,000 antigens.

Fast-MAb addresses the urgent need for monoclonal antibodies with unprecedented specificity to native human proteins with delivery in 10 weeks.

CDI utilizes its HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray for validating the final product – therefore your antibody will be screened for cross-reactivity against thousands of human proteins - - 87% of the human proteome.

Be Specific. Whether you are grant-writing, publishing or manufacturing... make CDI Fast-MAb part of your discovery and development success.

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biomarker discovery


Biomarker Discovery Service

The CDI HuProt proteome microarray is a powerful tool for discovering novel auto-antibodies (biomarkers) for many human diseases, including cancer and autoimmune diseases like Lupus, Arthritis, Crohn’s disease, MS, etc.

HuProt microarrays provide a high-throughput method that is sensitive, reproducible and rapid. Furthermore, the HuProt autoimmune assay uses as little 10 µl of precious samples, making analysis of large populations more feasible.

Clinical applications include monitoring the development and progression or recovery of disease.

Also, monitor vaccine development; assay for the presence of off-target immune responses that could lead to autoimmune-mediated issues.

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contract research services

Discovery Services

High-Throughput Assays & Analysis

With the HuProt Microarray, CDI can do the work for you so you can concentrate on your research.

In addition to biomarker profiling and antibody cross-reactivity testing, the HuProt proteome microarray is a powerful tool for high-throughput assays such as:

  • small molecule profiling
  • protein-protein interaction
  • DNA/RNA binding
  • enzyme substrate ID

Using HuProt, fluorescently-labeled or biotinylated molecules can be simultaneously tested for binding to the largest collection of human proteins in the world - - 87% of the human proteome.

We offer expertise in high-throughput design and provide detailed data analysis. Learn more HERE