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HuProt microarray-powered


Biomarker Discovery Service

Circulating disease related autoantibodies - or disease biomarkers are invaluable for screening patients for pathologies such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases and also to monitor the effectiveness of subsequent treatments.

The CDI HuProt microarray contains nearly 75% of the human proteome on a single glass slide, a unique and powerful tool for high-throughput serum profiling and biomarker discovery.

In addition to analysis using the full HuProt microarray, CDI can custom print microarrays containing up to 14 separate subarrays -each containing only proteins of interest as determined during the discovery phase. In this configuration, 14 individual samples can be run on a single microarray - a substantial cost savings.

Clinical Applications

  • Identify new, reliable diagnostic markers
  • Monitor development and progression or recovery of disease; see below
  • Assess vaccine development; assay for the presence of off-target immune responses that could lead to autoimmune mediated issues
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HuProt Microarray Characteristics

  • Recombinant proteins encompassing more than 15,000 unique human genes
  • N-terminal GST- and His6-tagged proteins are purified and printed on glass slides in duplicate, along with control proteins (GST, BSA, Histones, IgG, etc.)
  • Proteome coverage ~ 75%
  • Yeast expression system (S. cerevisiae)
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HuProt Cross-Section: microarray probed with a serum Ig sample and fluorescently-labeled secondary antibodies to the Ig and common epitopes of the arrayed proteins. Proteins 1 and 2 are depicted to illustrate the mechanism involved; the HuProt consists of thousand of proteins.
ft = fluorescent tag

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As part of its Custom Discovery Services portfolio, CDI will analyze your serum samples on a contract research basis. Please call us TOLL FREE at 844-539-6296 to learn more or begin a project.

If you have in-house microarray scanning and analysis capability,
CDI offers HuProt Human Proteome Microarrays for purchase.
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