Which antibody would you rather use?
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Anti-ZEB2 Company 1
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Anti-ZEB2 Company 2
Consider the data:
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A monospecific,
high-quality antibody
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A cross-reactive,
low-quality antibody
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Working concentration
v. specificity
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Native v. denatured

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HuProt™ microarray-powered


Antibody Cross-Reactivity Testing

CDI will analyze an antibody against thousands of human proteins
Both native and denatured. At two working concentrations.

The data points will traverse ~81% of the canonical proteome*.

We’ll deliver a detailed specificity summary in about 2 weeks.

The benefits of highly-characterized reagents - including antibodies - to users and producers are clear and cannot be overstated:

  • Persuasive proposals:Fund regularly.
  • Robust research:Publish faster.
  • Diagnostics / targeted therapeutics:Develop earlier; cut costs.
  • Competitive advantage:Commercialize smarter.

However, many investigators are UNAWARE of the potential problems with the specificity of antibodies, suggesting a need for new methods of characterization for antibodies being considered for use in serious scientific investigations, grant proposals or for commercialization purposes.

*as defined by the Human Protein Atlas

“Am I using the right antibody?”

Whether managing a research program, a reagent company R&D lab or a diagnostic/therapeutic antibody initiative, you will benefit from learning more about an antibody BEFORE you use it (or sell it).

Early in your process, challenge:

  • Does it actually recognize the intended target?
  • Is it cross-reactive? If so, is it statistically significant? With what proteins?
  • Does working concentration impact specificity?
  • Is it recognizing native or denatured protein - or both?

Separately, these questions seem daunting. Collectively, they can be overwhelming. Just gaining a few answers can be costly, time-consuming, labor-intensive and of low-value.

Until now.

HighSpec Antibody Cross-Reactivity Testing … a tremendous leap in antibody quality validation offered as a service by CDI Laboratories.

High-Throughput. Cost-Effective. Comprehensive.
And powered by CDI HuProt™, the largest collection of microarrayed human proteins in the world.

  • Highly Sensitive: ~100x more sensitive than Western Blotting (Michaud et al., 2003).
  • Qualitative: Reactive proteins identified by location on array, not mass-spec of gel band cut-outs.
  • Rapid: Results in days, not months.
  • Economical and efficient.