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Antibody Cross-Reactivity Testing Using the HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray

Analysis of several commercially available antibodies against 81% of the human proteome (HuProt v2.0). Note: HuProt v4.0 contains 87%.

CONCLUSION: The use of protein microarrays to evaluate antibodies is likely to set new quality standards to evaluate antibody cross-reactivity, and will also address the need for new methods to identify antibodies that can be used in robust scientific investigations, grant proposals and for commercialization.

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Presents cross-reactivity data on all commercial antibodies tested in a single table format.


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Includes detailed cross-reactivity data on each commercial antibody tested.

If you are:
  • grant-writing*
  • publishing
  • manufacturing
CDI can help increase your likelihood of success.

* Funding agencies such as the NIH have started to adopt higher standards for commercial antibodies that are to be selected for use in grant-funded research.

See the recent NIH notice NOT-OD-15-103 (Enhancing Reproducibility through Rigor and Transparency, in effect for grants submitted after January, 25 2016)

Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources
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Have antibodies and want them checked out?
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High-Spec® Microarray-powered Antibody Cross-Reactivity Testing

CDI will test your antibodies against thousands of proteins - native & denatured - and at 2 working concentrations and will report back to you in detail within 2 weeks.

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monoclonal antibody?
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Fast-MAb® Microarray-powered
MAb Development Platform

CDI will produce a monospecific antibody to your target protein in 8 weeks in this fully-customizable process. Need an antigen? No problem, CDI has access to ~21,000 human proteins.

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Have microarray scanning capability in-house?
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HuProt Microarray Containing ~87% of the Human Proteome for your lab

CDI offers its HuProt Human Proteome Microarray as a stand-alone product. It’s the world’s largest collection of unique, individually-purified human proteins - 17,374 gene products - on a single slide.

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