The CDI Fast-MAb antibody development platform addresses the urgent need for monoclonal antibodies with unprecedented specificity to native human proteins.

CDI utilizes its HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray for validating the final product – therefore your antibody will be screened for cross-reactivity against ~81% of the human proteome*.

*as defined by the Human Protein Atlas

Be Specific. Whether you are grant-writing, publishing or manufacturing... make CDI Fast-MAb part of your discovery and development success.

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Fast-MAb monoclonal antibody development, production and purification, along with HuProt™ microarray validation, is an approximate 8 week process. It is a milestone-driven, 4-phase process with client reporting and assessment exchanged at each step. Invoicing begins at the initiation of Phase 1 and at the completion of each phase thereafter.

Milestones represent potential endpoints that depend on your project requirements or if the results-to-date fail to meet your expectations.


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Antigen design, immunization strategy and screening methodology are critical to achieving high-value results.

CDI can fully-customize the development process to meet the requirements of the client and provide a quote based on deliverables.

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5-mouse immunization regimen using 0.5-2 mg client-supplied protein of >80% purity or carrier-conjugated peptide.

Alternatively, CDI offers assistance in antigen design and synthesis. CDI maintains a ~21,000 human protein library.

Animals are boosted; test-bleeds subjected to ELISA titer and Ig class analysis. Client consultation.

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2 top-responding animals are chosen, and immune cells are harvested for fusion with myeloma cells yielding multiple hybridomas.

Supernatants from IgG-secreting clones are screened by ELISA.

Client consultation.

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A minimum of 5 to a maximum of 30 high-quality clones are chosen and sub-cloned.

Each is expanded into 24-well plates and subsequently into T-25 flasks.

Supernatants are shipped for further client evaluation.

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Each clone is vialed, labeled and frozen. Samples of each are reserved for mycoplasma testing.

Per client instructions, 3 select clones are placed into antibody production.

The resulting antibodies are purified and evaluated with CDI HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray, v4.0.

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Detailed specificity data and additional QA documentation are prepared and shipped to the client along with the purified antibodies and all frozen clones.

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For more information, including pricing, project initiation and additional antibody or microarray-related services, please call us at 844-539-6296. (Toll Free US/Canada)

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Already have an antibody?

CDI offers HighSpec cross-reactivity testing service using the
HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray, v4.0.

With the HuProt microarray, our expert scientists can help you eliminate false positive results from immunoassays and reduce potential off-target effects from therapeutics.

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