high throughput screening analysis
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Custom Discovery Services

Using the HuProt™ Microarray, CDI can do the work for you so you can concentrate on your research. We offer expertise in high-throughput design and provide detailed data analysis.

Developed an antibody? The specificity will be critical to the success of your research. HighSpec Antibody Cross-Reactivity Testing is offered to assess cross-reactivity to thousands of human proteins
(~81% of the human proteome*) on the array - BEFORE you publish.

HuProt™ Protein-Protein interaction Profiling

Protein interactions are at the center of biochemical pathways. The CDI HuProt human proteome microarray is a powerful tool to examine these interactions on a unprecedented scale. Using the HuProt microarray, fluorescently-labeled or biotinylated protein samples can be simultaneously tested for binding to the largest collection of human proteins in the world.

CDI's HuProt™ Small Molecule Profiling Service

The CDI HuProt Human Proteome Microarray is a powerful tool in examining small molecule and drug substrates on a unprecedented scale. The microarray allows the simultaneous specificity assay of a fluorecently labeled or biotinylated molecule against the largest collection of human proteins in the world. The HuProt enables the rapid generation of compound binding profiles making it an indispensible tool in drug discovery and development.


Autoantibodies as biomarkers: Circulating autoantibodies are powerful resources to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases and cancer - especially with promising advances in immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy.

ImmuneProfiler™ uses the CDI HuProt proteome microarray platform. With ~87% of the human proteome on a single slide, ImmuneProfiler represents a more comprehensive and high-throughput alternative to other assay platforms for the development of predictive early diagnostic tests. LEARN MORE

*as defined by the Human Protein Atlas