HuProt human proteome microarray CDI HuProt™ microarray comprising thousands of GST fusion proteins probed with anti-GST antibody.
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Human Proteome Microarray v3.0

The HuProt Human Proteome Microarray contains the worlds largest number of unique, individually-purified human proteins.
That’s thousands more than the not-so-close second.

The comprehensive content of the HuProt microarray allows thousands of interactions to be profiled in high-throughput.

in more than 15,000 genes, covering ~75% of the proteome.

MTB Array

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Proteome Microarray

4,262 full-length recombinant proteins encompassing >95% of the MTB proteome – a powerful, high-throughput analytical tool.

  • protein-protein interactions
  • small molecule-protein binding
  • serum profiling
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

ChIP-Seq mMAbs

Monospecific mMAbs to Transcription Factors

Highly suited for ChIP-Seq and specificity-validated using the CDI HuProt human proteome microarray.

CDI mMAbs:
  • affinity-purified
  • application-tested
  • hundreds more in development

PCRP Antibodies

Low-cost, high-quality monospecific antibodies

CDI Laboratories is a production center for the Protein Capture Reagents Program (PCRP) funded by the NIH Common Fund.

A Community Resource:
  • transcription factor mAbs
  • $35/ml culture supernatant
  • application-screened
monospecific antibodies