HuProt microarray-powered


High-throughput Biomarker Discovery Service

Autoantibodies as biomarkers (see NEW ASCO 2017 Poster (lower left)

Circulating autoantibodies are powerful resources to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases and cancer - especially with promising advances in immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy.

ImmuneProfiler™ uses the CDI HuProt proteome microarray platform

With ~81% of the human proteome on a single slide, ImmuneProfiler represents a more comprehensive and high-throughput alternative to other assay platforms for the development of predictive early diagnostic tests.

ImmuneProfiler™ benefits:

  • Proteins, not peptides: well-folded with confomationally intact epitopes
  • Most comprehensive collection in the world by nearly two-fold and recently re-sequenced
  • Detect primary (IgM) and secondary (IgG) responses (and other Igs)
  • Rapid and reproducible assay: results and analysis in days, not weeks
  • Low volume of precious sample: as little as 3 μl serum or plasma per assay
  • Economical and customizable: focused arrays can be made based on screening data
  • Access to CDI expert bioinformatics specialists

How ImmuneProfiler™ works:

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ImmuneProfiler™ - a two-phase service

Phase 1: Discovery Rapidly generate large amounts of data quickly using minimal amounts of serum or plasma. This segment focuses on known disease state sample vs treatment outcome or normal samples and cohort sizes of 50-100 range.
Phase 2: Focus A focused analysis of a larger number of samples (>200) against recurrent candidates identified during the discovery phase. CDI will custom manufacture focused microarrays with 50-500 proteins printed in up to 14 subarrays per slide. This significantly decreases the cost and allows for rapid testing of very large cohorts needed to obtain statistically significant data.
Bioinformatics CDI’s expert bioinformatics specialists will analyze your data obtained in the first two phases and using internal algorithms will determine and identify statistically relevant profiles with potential for diagnostic or predictive tests.

Sample ImmuneProfiler™ Project (for illustrative purposes)

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Let CDI do the work.

As part of its Custom Discovery Services portfolio, CDI will analyze your serum samples on a contract research basis. Please call us TOLL FREE at 844-539-6296 to learn more or begin a project.

If you have in-house microarray scanning and analysis capability,
CDI offers HuProt Human Proteome Microarrays for purchase.
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