ChIP-Seq mMAbs

Specifity-Validated, Application-Tested &
Affinity-Purified Transcription Factor Antibodies

CDI launches its line of monospecific, affinity-purified monoclonal antibodies to several human transcription factors. This initial offering is highly suited for ChIP sequencing - the analysis of protein-DNA interactions.

CDI utilizes its HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray for validating the specificity of the final product. These antibodies have been screened for cross-reactivity against thousands of human proteins (~75% of the human proteome).

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Current CDI transcription factor mMAb offering
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Target Clone ID Applications Format Cat. # Status Price
ARID3A R21.1.1E9 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m13-034 in stock $349
BATF R451.2.1E10 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m14-108 in stock $349
DPF1 R1172.1.1A9 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-076 in stock $349
DPF1 R1172.1.1B6 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-066 in stock $349
ETV6 R1092.1.1A9 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-030 in stock $349
ETV6 R1092.1.1A7 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-248 in stock $349
HES1 R159.4.1B11 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m13-003 in stock $349
KLF10 R846.1.1D3 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m14-355 in stock $349
L3MBTL4 R160.1.1C8 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m13-094 in stock $349
NFATC3 R1106.1.2A12 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-047 in stock $349
NRF1 R157.1.3D4 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m13-005 in stock $349
RUVBL1 JH39.2.1A1 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m13-077 in stock $349
SMAD4 R516.2.1D12 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m14-150 in stock $349
SSBP4 JH97.1.3B5 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m14-286 in stock $349
TSC22D4 R160.2.2A2 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m13-016 in stock $349
USF2 R1156.1.1A7 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-084 in stock $349
WDHD1 R1251.1.1A5 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-092 in stock $349
WDHD1 R1251.1.1B10 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-104 in stock $349
ZBTB2 R6.1.3.46F2 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m13-048 in stock $349
ZMYM3 R259.2.2C3 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-005 in stock $349
ZMYM3 JH39.2.2B9 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-026 in stock $349
ZNF18 R177.1.2D2 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-035 in stock $349
ZNF410 R585.2.2C9 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m14-038 in stock $349
ZNF597 R917.1.1C12 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-058 in stock $349
ZNF639 R270.2.2B2 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m13-088 in stock $349
ZNF639 R270.2.1E7 IP, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m13-049 in stock $349
ZNF701 JR1015.1.1C5 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m14-316 in stock $349
ZNF75A R1014.1.1B6 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m15-003 in stock $349
ZXDC JH98.1.2B5 IP, WB, ChIP-Seq 100 µg m14-284 in stock $349
Quality Assurance - HuProt TM Microarray Specificity
(Representative Data)
antibody validation and quality assurance

Microarray Analysis: Anti-Human SMAD4 (clone R516.2.1D12) specificity was evaluated using CDI HuProt™ Human Proteome Microarray and subsequently analyzed with GenePix Pro Image Acquisition and Analysis Software, the benchmark tool for the acquisition and analysis of microarray images. The top 3 “hits” were identified by cross- reference to the array map which stores the exact location of each protein. The expected target, SMAD4, is ranked #1 and is considered monospecific. Signals ranked beyond #1 are statistically insignificant and not displayed.

antibody specificity data

Statistical Evaluation: GenePix data points (from above) were analyzed in terms of signal strength and ranked accordingly. The value shown for rank #1 and rank #2 indicate that Anti-Human SMAD4 (clone R516.2.1D12) is monospecfic. Rankings 2 through the remainder of the array are essentially equivalent to non-specific background signal.

A-Score (Affinity Score) is the normalized signal intensity of spots on the HuProt Array. S-Score (Specificity Score) S = A(Rank1) - A2(Rank2). A- and S-scores greater than 3 standard deviations over the next listed target are deemed statistically significant and indicate highly specific antibodies with high affinity. In the data above, the difference between Rank 1 and Rank 2 is 87.82. (standard deviations). This indicates that the antibody is monospecfic for SMAD4.

Validated Applications - ChIP-Seq (Representative Data)
ChIP-Seq analysis

ChIP-Seq Analysis: The ChIP was performed with chromatin from 10 million HepG2 cells and 3 μg of Anti-SMAD4 (cloneID #R516.2.1D12) antibody. The ChIP DNA was sequenced on an Illumina HiSeq platform and read counts were calculated at consecutive 100 bp bins across the human genome hg19. Normalized read-count levels for ChIP-seq of SMAD4 (R516.2.1D12_ChIP) and control (R516.2.1D12_IN) around the SKIL and JHDM1D loci are displayed in the CisGenome browser.